SPHE Healthy Relationships Programme for Senior Cycle students

This online course can be accessed by your teenager at home, or in school with their SPHE teacher.

Jenny Fahy, the founder of Life Connections, will share her knowledge of the SPHE/RSE senior cycle curriculum with your teenager. The specific focus will be on Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships.

Learners will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore their own thoughts, values, attitudes and feelings about relationships
  • Develop an understanding about the different types of relationships
  • Learn to differentiate between healthy , unhealthy & abusive relationships
  • Explore their understanding of power and control 
  • Increase their personal skills, self awareness and communication skills
  • Increase their health literacy  and self efficacy
  • Clarify their understanding of consent, boundaries and rights and respect
  • Explore their thoughts about intimacy in the digital age
  • Become enabled to make healthy, fun, safe, informed choices for themselves

Jenny Fahy

Content Creator

Jenny has worked with over 1000 second level students through the delivery of a Healthy Relationships Programme and a Consent, Assertiveness & Boundaries programme in the Mid-West of Ireland. She also has an MA in Leadership in Therapeutic Child and Social Care and is a child & adolescent therapist in-training.

Teens are our next generation of adults, and through education and support they will grow up into young adults who can make safe, healthy and informed choices in their friendships, intimate relationships and work/team relationships.

“It was very informative and clear. I am now much more informed”

Student participant
Co. Offaly

"It improved my confidence and understanding of the topics"

Student participant           Co. Kilkenny

 "It is a comfortable learning space that Jenny creates, that ensures the students understanding of a very important topic"

School Management
Co. Tipperary

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